Tenerife - by its geography and its climate, Tenerife provides best possibilities for all pilots. Tenerife is nearly the most fantastic island of the canarias. Ideal for swimming, scuba diving, hiking, rock climbing, biking, lazing around and of course paragliding.

Tenerife, sometimes also called "island of spring" is the largest island of the canarias. Due to its preferred climate and the geographical location, you can find lot of different landscapes. On average Tenerife has only about six rainy days a year. A wonderful dream for each pilot because you can fly nearly every day with your paraglider.

The casual spanish air makes Tenerife extraordinarily beautiful. You can reach the dream destination on the Canarias within nearly 4 hours from England, Germany and many other mideuropean countries. Ideal to escape during the chilly autumn- and wintermonths and perfect to experience many flight-peaks.

Over 94 percent of the visiting pilots, who have experienced and enjoyed Tenerife are returning for the next season. What about you?